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About New Moon

On May 25th, 2024 NEW Moon Fest presented a selection of competitive short films by women from around the world. 

NEW Moon Fest - Nantucket Empowering Women showcased the official 2024 selection at the historic Siasconset Casino in celebration of women filmmakers and storytellers. 12 short films from 6 different countries were screened to honor the role of women in the making of cinema both in front of and behind the camera.

By casting light upon the Wild Woman archetype and her role in storytelling, NEW Moon Fest celebrates the unfettered and unfiltered spirit of women. The Wild Woman is maternal, she is capable of fighting and she is deeply connected to the Earth. She encourages us to go beyond boundaries and to express one’s true self. NEW Moon Fest welcomes films that explore this discourse.

Like the new moon, short films by women are powerful even if they are not often seen. NEW Moon Fest - Nantucket Empowering Women strives to showcase these films to broaden their reach and visibility and to promote impactful storytelling inspired and crafted by women.

A portion of proceeds raised from NEW Moon Fest go to support and empower women/individuals served at A Safe Place.


NEW Moon Fest

Programmers & Committee

Lisa Moon.jpg
Steph Moon.jpg

Lisa Getter | Co-chair



Lisa Soeder | Co-chair

Sarah Fraunfelder | Producer 


Heather Unruh | NMF Committee Member

Florencia Rullo | NMF Committee Member

Jonathan Burkhart | NMF Committee Member

John Copenhaver | NMF Committee Member

A special thanks to Dee White at


Stephanie Serra |Director of Programming

Heather Moon.jpg

Heather Unruh |Event Host

Selection Committee:

Grace Bartlett
Casey Sayre Boukus

Laura Cunningham
Aileen Dashurova
Penny Dey
Donna Elle
Jeanne Esti
Joanna Hay
Lisa Holland
Juliet Hunter
Natalie Jacobson
Karen Keelan
Orla Murphy LaScola
Moirar Leveille
Victoria McManus
Jill Mooradian
Charity Grace Mofsen
Wendi Murrell

Arlene O'Reilly
Sunny Daily
Rhonda Pollock
Jess Trimble
SuEllen Ward
Dee White
Kate Wilson

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