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Death to the Bikini!

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Lili, a feisty 10-year-old girl, has always swam topless. When her parents force her to wear a bikini top for a trip to the water park, she rebels: why should she hide her flat chest when her friends, all boys, don’t have to?

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“It was during a hot summer day, at the age of 7, that I dared for the first and only time to swim topless with my friends. I never did it again, too embarrassed to behave like a “boy”. It is the memory of this torment faced with this benign desire to bathe my chest in the air which is at the origin of this film. How absurd to feel society's discomfort with the female body at such a young age! An ode to the enthusiasm of youth and to girls who are not afraid, Death to the Bikini! thus carries a demanding, universal message and, through coming-of-age, presents young girls with a model with whom they can identify.”

– Justine Gauthier, Director of DEATH TO THE BIKINI!



Writer: Justine Gauthier

Director: Justine Gauthier

Producer: Léonie Hurtubise

Director of Photography: Gabrielle Bergeron

Editor: Marie-Pier Grignon

Artistic Director: Yola van Leeuwenkamp

Sound: Jacob Marcouz, Ilyaa Ghafouri, Joey Simas

Music: Viviane Audet & Robin-Joël Cool


Starring: Mia Garnier, Etienne Cardin, Aksel Leblanc, Olivier Leblanc, Johnnovan Jobin, Eve Pressault, and Eric Robidoux

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