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The Girl Inside

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As numbers of women and girls in federal, state, and local facilities continue to skyrocket, “The Girl Inside,” a new documentary by 1 Girl Revolution, features a behind-the-walls look into Cook County Jail and a life-changing academic course “Storytelling as a Healing Art” taught to incarcerated women.

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“The Girl Inside” starts with a performance by Dr. Laura Biagi for her students about the power of every person’s voice and then leads her students through a series of storytelling exercises and vocal warmups. The culmination of the one day course and the documentary is when Dr. Biagi gives her students a writing prompt, “ I am your voice and this is what I want you to know…”

“There are so many issues in the world because people are not able to be heard. Our voices are our revolution and we must look for opportunities to speak up for those who are forgotten and to raise other voices that often go unheard - and above all, we need to listen. We truly have the power to change the world through our lives and the world would look so different if we each truly believed that.” 


– Dr. Laura Biagi, professor of “Storytelling as a Healing Art”


“1 Girl Revolution is focused on telling stories that often go unheard. There is a clear need to examine the lives of women in jail and prison, but they are too often overlooked. What is also rarely talked about is the power of education - even just one class has been shown to lower recidivism rates by upwards of 43%.” 

– Kate Bryan, founder of 1 Girl Revolution and “The Girl Inside” curator

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