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After losing her job, a flailing millennial is forced to move back into her childhood bedroom and navigate life with her dysfunctional parents. Determined to take on a lover, she re-connects with a middle school crush.

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“Boomerang is my love letter to anyone who endured the lockdown with their family. It’s a timely and relatable tale about an entire generation of millennials who were forced to move home and suffered arrested development. At its core, Boomerang is about complicated family relationships and how deeply funny life can be in its most serious moments. The medium of film grants the ability to tell stories that help us connect and process what we’ve all been through, and I wanted to use comedy to do that.”

– Rylee Jean Ebsen, Director of BOOMERANG



Writers: Rylee Jean Ebsen, Sydney Steinberg

Director: Rylee Jean Ebsen

Producers: Rylee Jean Ebsen, Katie White

Executive Producers: Augusta King, Elizabeth Sehn & Tim Sehn


Starring: Sydney Steinberg, Marin Hinkle, Phil Abrams, Noah Findling,

Kaitlyn Tanimoto

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