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Wild Woman

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A woman struggles to cope with her mantle as a mother while questioning the pressure placed on the individual by societal, religious, and governmental expectations and prejudices.

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Wild Woman is an animated poem to mankind which invokes current world issues such as drone-strikes and religious persecution in a plea for empathy. Scenes transform and melt as the animator also explores her personal struggle of becoming a mother and identifying as such in our current social and political climate.

“Wild Woman began as a concept where I was truly hoping to get in touch with the deeper, feminine aspects of myself. I wanted to embody femme through my drawings. What began as sensuality transformed into maternity, along with my own life path. As I worked on the film back in 2012, I became pregnant with my first child. I was terrified- a wholly new adventure that I had no experience in, and initially no desire to pursue. I struggled to complete the film, and by 2013 I was an exhausted new mother feeling all the pressure of societal perception, struggling to maintain my own identity. It was around this time that I also became more aware of the greater scope and scale of the global proceedings around me. 


Thus, this film embodies a plea for empathy and compassion. It results from my encounters with misogyny, oppression, repression, the agoraphobic and the xenophobia in this world. It is a battle cry against all the hatred. The purity of new life, the change and evolutions I was experiencing in myself, mind and body, are all infused in each transforming frame and every poetic verse.”


– Vanessa Sweet, Director of WILD WOMAN



Writer: Vanessa Sweet

Director: Vanessa Sweet

Animator: Vanessa Sweet

Assistant Art Director: Nicholas Sweet

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